peacock-09Proud As A Peacock: Accessing Pincha Mayurasana

Sunday, Oct 19, 1pm-3:00pm, Yoga Center of Columbia, $35
Forearm-stand is easier to hold than handstand due to the broad base of support, but it is harder to perform because shoulders must be open. In this workshop, learn techniques to open your shoulders while maintaining proper alignment, and balance on your forearms with grace and ease. For yoga students level 1/2 and up. Find out more. Register through YCC.

Kelly at Yards Park YogaFall 2014 Yoga In Cheverly

Fall yoga classes run September 15 – December 17, 13 weeks. Details on schedule and pricing are available here. Check out the Wednesday evening Community Meditation and new Level II class!
Drop in to a single class at any time or sign up for the entire session. Please send me an email to secure your space if you are interested in registering for class.
Drop-ins are always welcome for $17 per class.


Kelly Fisher, E-RYT 500, teaches yoga and meditation in the Washington, DC area. She co-teaches the Yoga Teacher Training program at Capitol Hill Yoga, leads workshops and retreats, and has taught in such diverse places as NPR and the Supreme Court. Join Kelly for private or group classes.

Learn more about Kelly.

Kids’ Yoga in Cheverly

Thursdays, Sept 18-Oct 28, 9:30-10:15am [crawlers to age 2 with caregiver] *and* 4:30-5:15pm [3-6 year olds] Cheverly United Methodist Church, $72 (or $15 to drop in for a single class) Kids' Yoga with Ylla Bishop at Wildflower Yoga has been a huge success! Ylla charms the children and she will return on Sept 18! More info at Wildflower Yoga.

Pose Diagnostic Clinic

Turning Your Plank On Its Side: Vasistasana, Sunday, Nov 16, 1-3:30pm Yoga Center of Columbia, $40 Side Plank Pose is one of the first arm balances a yoga student learns. It is accessible and yet there are many nuances to make your experience more vivid. Dive deep into detail and playfully practice with Lucy and Kelly. For yoga teachers and experienced students. More info here.


The Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest mantras of which we are aware. It honors the sun and all the life-giving energy, heat, and light the sun offers. "Gayatri" refers to the meter of the verse .  It means 24.  After the initial call to earth, sky, and heavens, the next three lines are of eight beats each, equalling 24.  Hear the chant and learn the words here.

Personal Instruction

Yoga is traditionally a daily practice that is unique to each individual yogi. Yoga postures and meditation can be very therapeutic when practiced with knowledge and awareness. If you are experiencing chronic pain, localized pain, trouble sleeping, or anxiety or depression, find out how yoga can help you in daily life. Even if you simply want to deepen in your knowledge and practice of yoga, Kelly has over 20 years of experience to share. Contact Kelly for more information and pricing.


Trust and the Holy Science

Over the summer my most excellent acupuncturist, Don Diggs, recommended a book for me to check out, The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar. It is a collection of Sanskrit sutras that draw comparisons between yogic science and the book of Revelations. Interesting stuff, and the introduction contains a quite provocative explanation for why we […]

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Saundarya Days in Costa Rica

“Days of Beauty” in Costa Rica with Kelly Fisher, E-RYT 500 Panacea de la Montaña March 11-15, 2015 Enjoy a five-day getaway to beautiful, natural, wild, scenic Costa Rica. Panacea de la Montaña is located on the northwest coast less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean and features breathtaking views of both the ocean […]

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Summer Solstice One Day Retreat

Saturday, June 21, 9:00am-4:30pm Blueberry Gardens Wellness Center This one day getaway is designed for you to be able to step out of your everyday routine to gain some perspective for yourself. Yoga and its accompanying practices of meditation, yoga nidra, chanting, and healthy eating assist you in letting go of patterns in your life […]

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