Kali MaYoga + Art: Kali and Kintsugi

Oct 15, 1-4pm, Columbia Yoga Center, $55
with Kelly Fisher and Roselyn Vanderpool

Kintsugi is the Japanese technique of taking something broken and transforming it into a work of art. Broken things are restored with resin and gold paint so as to highlight and honor the imperfections. Kali is the goddess of destruction who breaks things down in order to reorganize and create something new. Do some yoga, break something, and remake it in your own special way. More information is here.

Spirituality * Exploration * Yoga

Feb 25-Mar 10, 2018 in South India
with Kelly Fisher, Rimmi Singh, and Pammi Singh

Experience the natural splendor, ancient temples, palm-fringed shores, and fragrant spices of South India on this 13 day retreat. We will begin in the metropolis city of Chennai and conclude in the beautiful backwaters of Cochin. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” Bhagavad Gita
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Spring LotusFall 2017 Yoga In Cheverly

Fall yoga classes run Sept 11-Dec 20, 14 weeks. Details on schedule and pricing are available here.

Drop in to a single class at any time or sign up for the entire session. Please send me an email to secure your space if you are registering for the session.
Drop-ins are always welcome for $17 per class.


Kelly Fisher is a certified Yoga Therapist, CIAYT, Ayurvedic Specialist, AYS, and yoga teacher, E-RYT 500 in the Washington, DC area. She mentors yoga teachers and teacher trainees. She is an adjunct in yoga teacher training programs, leads workshops and retreats, and has taught in such diverse places as NPR, the Freer and Sackler Galleries, and the Supreme Court. Private or group classes available in yoga, meditation, ayurveda, or yoga therapeutics.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is an emerging field that uses the physical postures, breath work, and meditation to restore a body-mind to wholeness. If you have aches or pains or even anxiety or emotional crises you are dealing with, yoga can help! I recently became certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapists to offer Yoga Therapy to my clients, and I would love to assist you in finding your joy in life. Contact me.

South India 2018

Feb 25-Mar 10, 2018 Join Wildflower Yoga and hosts Rimmi and Pammi Singh, as we return for a third, soul-stirring trip to India. This time we will head south, beginning in the metropolis of Chennai and concluding in the beautiful backwaters of Cochin. Visit temples and natural areas, enjoy delicious food, meet new friends. Learn more here and sign up for the Wait List.


The Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest mantras of which we are aware. It honors the sun and all the life-giving energy, heat, and light the sun offers. "Gayatri" refers to the meter of the verse .  It means 24.  After the initial call to earth, sky, and heavens, the next three lines are of eight beats each, equalling 24.  Hear the chant and learn the words here.

Personal Instruction

Yoga is traditionally a daily practice that is unique to each individual yogi. Yoga postures and meditation can be very therapeutic when practiced with knowledge and awareness. If you are experiencing chronic pain, localized pain, trouble sleeping, or anxiety or depression, find out how yoga can help you in daily life. Even if you simply want to deepen in your knowledge and practice of yoga, Kelly has over 20 years of experience to share. Contact Kelly for more information and pricing.


The Joy of Child’s Pose

How did you get here? Close your eyes and surrender. The hurt that we embrace becomes joy. 
 -Rumi For the past five months I have been dealing with fluid in my knees. I think it began with a long flight overseas and back (did I mention I am obsessed with India? See here, here, […]

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Yoga in Provence May-June 2017

It has been a world traveling year. I’ve swum (swam?) in the Arabian Sea and dipped my feet in the Mediterranean Sea, all in the name of yoga. Thank all the various gods. This trip we stayed in a villa in Provence near Vernègues. It had a vineyard on the property and a salt water […]

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Refreshing Summertime Cooler

During summer, the sun is at its highest, the days are long, the air is hot and humid (in our area).  We can love this time for the outdoor opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature, but it may also lead us to overheat.  Ayurveda, yoga’s sister practice, offers tips to keep cool.   Wear light, […]

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