Yoga Center of Columbia India Trip 2016

I have an obsession with India. I admit it. The colors, the sights, the smells, the people. So naturally I was thrilled to have this opportunity to assist in turning others on to my own addiction. From March 1-15, Rimmi Singh and I led a group of intrepid travelers half-way around the world to this timeless place that is the Indian subcontinent. We visited Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, these three known as the Golden Triangle, and then we went to Amritsar and Dharmsala. Each place had its own special personality, its own special offering for the world and us. And did I mention the food? Superb. Here are a few photos from Delhi.

sunrise in delhi

first morning yoga


Agra Fort

Naked Monk Jain temple

Jammu Masjid gate

Jammu Masjid

Market outside Jammu Masjid, Delhi

Traffic Jam

two wheeled transport

Bamboo Flute in Taj Hotel

Bahai Temple Delhi

And a few photos at the Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Agra and at the Amber Fort and City Palace in Jaipur.


Tree Taj

Taj detail

Taj Pooch

Taj from Gate

Agra Fort

Ladies Quarters, Agra Fort

Cuspid Arch

Taj from Agra Fort with Awilda


Detail of Agra Fort

Detail of Agra Fort 2


Three Ganeshas

Krishna Temple with Michael

Stained glass


Ride to Amber Fort

Elephant back

Inside the City Palace, Jaipur

The Peacock Gate, City Palace

Next up, Amritsar, home of the Golden Temple, which we saw pre-dawn for a prakash ceremony and then returned midday. It was a new moon the day we visited, a holiday for the local villages, so the temple was packed.

Prakash Seva ceremony, predawn




Group at Golden Temple

Version 2

Dharamsala, the exiled home of Dalai Lama. We arrived on March 10. Every March 10 there is a march for Tibetan freedom. So many monks, so many Tibet flags. And, the Netherlands cricket team staying in our hotel, Fortune Moksha.

View from Morning Yoga

Himalayan glacier

Our Sherpa

St. John Church

St. John Church inside

Dalai Lama Temple window

Dalai Lama's Temple monks studying

Gyoto Monk temple, yes, the throat singers

Monk boys, monkettes?

Seen on the wall

Norbulinkga Institute for Tibetan Culture

Monkeys 1

Monkeys 2 leaping

Monkeys 3

And our return to Delhi before the flight home. Ladies cricket team from New Zealand was at the Taj Hotel with us upon our return.



shopkeeper 2

shopkeeper 3


Cindy, Carolyn, and Shiva


Up next: Absorption.

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