Meet Kelly

Kelly Fisher

Photo by Meredith Rizzo

Kelly Fisher, E-RYT 500, has been studying yoga for over 20 years. She has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years now and seeing students smile at the end of savasana is one of the most fulfilling things she can imagine.

Her yoga practice began in college when she took a six week meditation course in Blacksburg, Virginia. Soon she was initiated into the practice of Ananda Marga meditation. The Ananda Marga practices set up a foundation for daily living that she embraced fully, practicing yoga asana and chanting, and meditating on the subtle body. In 1992, she spent three months at an ashram, Ananda Kanan, to deepen her practice. Her sadhana developed within her a deep desire to go to India, and in 1998 she went to Ananda Nagar ashram in India to study more closely with her teachers. This became the background for her teaching yoga today.

Her career in communications led her to Washington DC, and a job with NPR in 1999, where she lived and worked for five years while continuing to practice meditation and yoga. During this time, she discovered Anusara Yoga. Willow Street Yoga Center in Takoma Park was right around the corner and it was a welcoming place to further her sadhana. Anusara blended nicely with her already established practice because both were based on a Tantric philosophy of the intrinsic goodness and creativity of human beings.

She completed her Anusara Yoga Teacher Training in 2002 at Willow Street, and in 2004 completed her 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training certification. This was the year she left her day job to begin teaching yoga in earnest. Kelly was an Anusara Certified Yoga Instructor for five years until her resignation in that school. Now she finds inspiration by seeking the true teacher within, combining the great knowledge of others with the common sense of her own heart. She has had the privilege of studying with many great teachers throughout the years including John Friend, Suzie Hurley, Jordan Bloom, Jenny Otto, Moses Brown, Cate Stillman, and Sianna Sherman. She continues her studies with Sally Kempton and Dr. Douglas Brooks, who coined the term Rajanaka Yoga to clarify the Tantric philosophy that he so knowledgeably, eloquently, and heartfully expounds.

Kelly has completed over 200 hours of Yoga Therapy Training with John Friend, Doug Keller, and Thomas Myers, and considers her studies on going. Her practice includes ayurveda, reiki, kirtan and writing poetry. She teaches classes and workshops at Capitol Hill Yoga in Washington DC, Willow Street Yoga Center in Silver Spring, and in Cheverly, Maryland, and she co-teaches the Yoga Teacher Training program at Capitol Hill Yoga. Each fall she co-hosts the Yoga Indulgence Retreat at Kent Manor Inn on the eastern shore of Maryland.

She has taught in such diverse places as NPR, the DC Rape Crisis Center, and the Supreme Court. In fall 2013, she was honored to be able to teach at the Smithsonian Freer/Sackler Galleries in conjunction with the Yoga: The Art of Transformation exhibit. Her students are a never-ending source of inspiration and learning for her, and in her classes she attempts to convey an inkling of the profound love of the universe that is infinitely available to all of us. Ultimately, this life is abundant with an awareness that is more compassionate, peaceful, and auspicious than our minds can grasp, and it is within the conversation of teacher and student, friend with friend, that clears the pathway to that realization.

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