Yoga in Provence May-June 2017

It has been a world traveling year. I’ve swum (swam?) in the Arabian Sea and dipped my feet in the Mediterranean Sea, all in the name of yoga. Thank all the various gods. This trip we stayed in a villa in Provence near Vernègues. It had a vineyard on the property and a salt water pool, but we did plenty of sightseeing in Gardes, Les Beaux, St. Remy, Avignon, Cassis, and Aix-En-Provence, not necessarily in that order. La société était merveilleuse et notre séjour était incroyable. Revenons l’année prochaine! Merci beaucoup.

A few photos from our travels:

Annette at Mas de Gancel
Vineyard at Mas de Gancel
Rita preparing some delicious concoction
Rita and Lisa
The group at Senanque Abbey
Nancy’s Inspiration

St Cecily overlooking some Roman ruins and the city- countryside

That’s a lot of wine
Diana at peace with Buddha

Our host at Montirius vineyard, “We want two things: balance and harmony with nature.”

Callanques de Cassis

The gang in Cassis
Palais du Popes, Avignon

Yes, we did yoga too
Naked in Aix

Modern day Moby meets ancient sized parking space
Birthday Girls: Sharon, Carolyn, Liz, and Nancy
Annette and Rita at an Abbey

Pano in Arles

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