Happy Diwali! May peace, abundance, and the light of conscious awareness surround you at this time of year. In India, this festival of light is equivalent to our Christmas and New Years wrapped into one. It is a time of celebration for all of which we are thankful. The daylight is getting shorter and the nights are longer, but that just encourages the inner light of awareness and awakening to shine more brightly. Diwali is traditionally celebrated with ritual known as puja for a variety of deities, one of whom is Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, beauty, prosperity, and well being. People will light many clay candles around their homes and feast. Next week you may feast on some free yoga classes, courtesy of the Retreat Center of Maryland (RCM). See below for more details. There will not be a Yoga Nidra Benefit this month because I am offering a free meditation for RCM on Nov 19 at noon. Please join me or any of the great teachers in a week of gratitude as we move toward our holiday season. (It feels like we have something to celebrate right now, doesn’t it?)

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