Happy Spring Equinox!

Hoping this finds you weathering this transitional season peacefully. The temperatures have been leaping and falling and leaping and falling, which is a big part of why Ayurveda considers spring  “transitional.” There is not much in the natural world that holds steady right now as the crocuses and daffodils bloom. And this year the cherry blossoms, quince, and tulip magnolias all seem to be out at once, different from the usual  This is all the more reason to cultivate balance on the inside. 

A regular morning routine can go a long way to supporting your good health when things in nature are changing rapidly. Here are five tips for a morning routine, part of what Ayurveda calls dinacharya, daily routine, that can keep your nervous system more balanced and your mood more joyful. 

1. Wake up at the same time each day. Choose a time that fits your schedule and temperament and stick with it. Over time, your circadian rhythms adjust to help you sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed. 

2. Even before you get out of bed, name three things that you are grateful for. Try to be precise and timely. If you can be specific about whom or what you are thankful for and why, a gratitude practice becomes more meaningful. Over time, you begin to recognize that life is continually offering gifts that we might otherwise overlook. 

3. Drink 1-2 mugs of warm to hot water with a squeeze of lemon. This helps your digestive system get started for the day. Water with lemon awakens the GI tract and helps to flush out waste products that the body processed overnight. Just like you would first greet a coworker in the morning by saying “Good morning, how are you today?” as opposed to just diving right in to work tasks, drinking some hot water is a gentle greeting for your digestive system which is the first line of nourishment and immune support for the body, preparing it for a healthy breakfast later. 

4. Sit for a few minutes of meditation or breath work. This helps calm your mind and clear your slate to prepare for the day. A little bit of meditation every day is all it takes to build mental focus and set the tone for your emotional well-being. Through contemplative practices, you begin to resource yourself. In other words, you begin to recognize that the energy, courage, and fortitude that you need arises from within yourself rather than an outside source. 

5. You must know what this one will be — Move your body! A walk in the morning sun can be so uplifting, and of course a few yoga postures will help to work out the kinks and get your blood flowing. Yoga practice builds and sustains your energy throughout the day. Leading you to a place of relaxed ease even as you go about your workday. 

If you would like to incorporate any of these practices but are not sure how to begin or you would like an accountability partner, I am starting to do more Spiritual Coaching with one-on-one lessons and would love to work with you. Feel free to reach out so we can discuss in a free 15 minute consultation how we might work together to bring more joy to your mornings and your days.