I Should vs. I Am

Ever do this?

I should go clean the kitchen.  I should lose a few pounds.  I should be kinder to … I should study a second language.

Not at all?  I didn’t think so.  Me neither.

The list could go on and on, couldn’t it?  An endless litany of things that should be happening in order to make life better in the future.  But what about right now?  How do you feel right now, in this moment?  Overwhelmed, sleepy, angry, excited, happy, confused, resentful, peaceful, content.  Often it is a mixture of feelings.

When you feel caught up in all those “should”s, it is not easy to stop, breathe, and feel.  This is what yoga is all about.  Taking the time for yourself to stop, breathe, and feel.  It is a big reason why yoga is so relaxing for the system; muscles have a chance to stretch out and release pent up anxieties and that helps clear your head.  Any activity we undertake is much more fun, interesting, doable with a clear head.

Next time you catch yourself saying “I should…” stop and change the narrative, complete the statement, “I am…”  For example, I am overwhelmed, I am tired, I am bored.  Figure out how you feel and let that guide what you do.  Instead of punishing yourself for all of those things that you think you need to do for some other reason outside of yourself.  You do not have to prove anything to anyone, and that includes to yourself.

Yoga for Stress Relief continues on Wednesday evenings in Cheverly, 6-7pm at CUMC, through April 3.


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