Trust and the Holy Science

Over the summer my most excellent acupuncturist, Don Diggs, recommended a book for me to check out, The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar. It is a collection of Sanskrit sutras that draw comparisons between yogic science and the book of Revelations. Interesting stuff, and the introduction contains a quite provocative explanation for why we have already moved through the Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, and are in the ascending Dwapara Yuga. Swamiji talks about the math, but also mentions the innovations that have occurred within the last several centuries — electricity, the discovery of gravity, exploration of space, other inventions — advances in human knowledge that supposedly are not possible in an age of darkness where consciousness cannot progress.
Bring on the Dwapara Yuga. Bring on the age of Aquarius!

Anyway, after he made this recommendation to me, I looked it up on amazon. Several times. And never made the purchase for a myriad of reasons. Meanwhile, in my own mind I’ve been dealing with issues of trust. Trust that this house project we’ve taken on will come to completion, trust that Erik will find his true calling in life, trust that we will have health insurance next year despite the fact that the policy we just found on January 1 is being canceled on us this December 31. You know, the little things.

Last weekend, when I was done teaching yoga at Columbia Yoga Center and was about to head out to Evolvefest in Philadelphia to play some music with my new band Groovananda, I was heading toward the door of the studio when I noticed a stack of books with a sign that said “Free!”

What should be sitting on the top of the stack? You guessed it, The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar. It hit me in the gut and immediately expanded my heart that Mahashakti was talking to me. Trusting is a state of mind, just like thinking positively. The universe is abundant. Life is a gift. There are a million things to be thankful for. And, everything that I, you, we, need, will appear at the exact time we need it.

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