Is Spiritual Coaching right for you at this time?

I believe that yoga can transform lives and change the world for the better. When I was in college I was suffering because I did not know what I wanted to do with my life but I knew how I wanted to feel. Suffering was not how I wanted to feel. That sadness and anxiety led me to my first yoga class. Yoga practices were what helped me transform my attitude and if I can make that change, then you can too.

With Spiritual Coaching, you receive personal attention and the experience of a Yoga Therapist who has been practicing and following yogic principles for over 30 years. My questions about “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” have led to a deeper understanding of my purpose on this planet. With Spiritual Coaching, I may help you to access a greater sense of peace, happiness, and purpose. It is worthwhile. Especially if you have yet to tap into your highest potential.

Spiritual Coaching is about thriving

To thrive means to understand and recognize who you are and to live from that authentic place. To thrive means when day-to-day challenges with work, family, or relationships arise you keep a cool head and respond to a situation with exactly what is needed. To thrive means offering compassion to yourself as well as to others. To thrive means to look forward to waking up in the morning.

To thrive means to feel good about yourself in body, mind, and heart. To thrive means you enjoy being with others but you also enjoy being alone with yourself. To thrive means, in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or out of sorts, you still have a grounded center within yourself that you can return to. To thrive means you have a grounded center that helps guide your actions and words authentically. To thrive means you contribute to life in a meaningful way. To thrive means you have the opportunity to express yourself in ways that are fulfilling. 

How we approach the Spiritual Coaching process

We begin with your questions and what your needs are in this moment. We will look at your energy level and mood throughout the day and week and then slowly incorporate yogic practices that will effectively transform how you feel, how you treat yourself, and how you interact with others. You will move from simply managing in life to thriving.

There are physical things to address, like getting enough sleep at night, eating well, and keeping the body healthy and strong with yoga and breathing practices; and there are mental and spiritual items to be aware of, like looking forward to waking up in the morning. Or, when you are faced with a situation that is challenging or uncomfortable, do you know how to respond to restore harmony?

In Spiritual Coaching, we use all of the tools yoga has to offer, yoga poses, breath work, meditation, mantra practice, daily lifestyle habits and more. This is the most complete one-on-one training that I offer.