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Relaxation Through Attention to Breath

It is a good thing that breathing is automatic. Imagine if you had to remind yourself to breathe every breath that you take. There would be no time to think about anything else. However, if you take the time to notice your breath, often you may find that it is quick and choppy when you feel agitated or angry or fearful. At times when you are more relaxed and enjoying yourself it is deeper and smoother. Your breath is directly linked to your mind and emotions. In pranayama, there are techniques to learn to take a more full breath so that you can ride the waves of daily ups and downs with ease.

Stress Relief Through Meditation

When body and breath are calm, your mind can run free on the field of experience. Meditation involves different techniques to settle and focus your thoughts. It can bring you more energy when you are feeling exhausted, and it can bring calm in the face of raging storms. Like asana and pranayama, it takes repeated practice over time to discover the full benefits of meditation. Also like asana and pranayama, it is possible to feel immediate benefits from the very first time you begin your practice.

Satchidananda is the Sanskrit term used to describe our natural birthright as human beings. Sat means truth, that which is, that which is true in your heart; chid means consciousness, we are beings that are aware of our own existence; and ananda means joy or bliss. Why are you pursuing your daily activities? Are they meaningful and true for you? Do they bring you happiness?

The field of the mind is vast and wide, and meditation offers specific techniques to discover its vast depths. So many resources on this planet are limited, but knowledge of the self is limitless. There will always be challenges and drama in life, that is part of being human, but meditation allows the practitioner to understand what is true, real, and necessary, and in that knowing you can make informed choices about your life.


Yoga Nidra

Lie down in savasana for this guided relaxation practice.

Pranayama Practices