These policies are for Wildflower Yoga classes. Please see Yoga Center of Columbia’s policies for those studio classes.

Class location

Class in Cheverly is held on the fifth floor of the Cheverly United Methodist Church. This is the balcony of the sanctuary level. You must enter through the front door next to the driveway facing Cheverly Avenue, this is the fourth floor; then go up one flight of stairs and the yoga room will be in front of you.

What to Bring to Class

Please bring your own yoga mat. Also, bring your smiling Self with an empty tummy; there is no need for shoes. Tee shirts, tanks, biking shorts, and tights or leggings are great. Avoid wearing baggy pants, as they prevent me from helping you with your knee and leg alignment. Also, please silence your cell phone during class and be on time.

Please remove your shoes and leave them in the hallway. If you arrive late, please do not enter until the “Om” after centering.

Injuries and Physical Limitations

Please let me know before class about any physical problems or medical conditions you may have.


If a student misses a class, it is possible to make up the missed class during another Cheverly yoga class time. If the student will not be able to make up their own class, a friend or family member may attend a class in lieu of the student’s own make-up. A friend or family member may attend in the student’s place up to two times per session. Make-ups must be completed during the current session.


If you discover you can no longer attend class, please contact Wildflower Yoga as soon as possible. Refunds are calculated based on the time the cancellation request is made, not the day of the last class attended. Refunds are given according to the following schedule:

First week of classes: 100%
Second week: 75%
Third or fourth week: 50%
Fifth week: 25%

No refunds are given after the fifth week. The refund amount does not include a $10 administrative fee, which is not refundable or transferable to another session.

Registration for one session does not transfer to another session.


Registrations for classes in Cheverly are processed on a first come, first served basis in person or via Paypal. To register for a class and secure your place, submit your payment promptly after registration opens (registration is announced via the website and newsletter.) Wildflower Yoga accepts cash or check in addition to Paypal. Make checks payable to Wildflower Yoga.

Yoga Teacher Trainee Observation Registration

If a Yoga Teacher Trainee wants to observe a class, she/he will be required to follow the registration as per regular students listed above, either $17 one-time drop in fee, or the current rate for an entire session.

If a Yoga Teacher Trainee is currently registered for an entire session of classes in order to participate as a student, and the YTT wants to observe an additional class, she/he may observe at the reduced rate of $100 per session for fall, winter, or spring; $75 for summer.

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