Asynchronous Courses To Deepen Your Practice

Purchase individual courses and have long-term access to the content. Choose a topic that interests you and go deeper.

Chakra Practice Companion $149

Learn about the subtle body and how the chakras have an effect on your mood, outlook, and life. Learn about and practice how to balance the energy in each of the seven main energy centers along your spine. Yoga philosophy has long been aware of the subtle energy body and how it informs daily life. Get to know your own self better, your habits, needs, and desires with these practices. This course involves a full length asana class, a mudra practice, and a meditation for each chakra. That is 15 hours of video classes plus written material. Earn CE credit with Yoga Alliance upon completion of this course.

Yoga For Healing Series $49

Practice Yoga For Anxiety, Yoga For Restful Sleep, and Yoga For Empowerment in this series designed to fit in to your active lifestyle. Yoga is traditionally a daily practice, and you will experience the most benefit when practicing little by little, again and again. This trauma-sensitive yoga series includes one 15 minute and one 30 minute practice for each of these topics. Developed in conjunction with a licensed clinical psychologist. Gain lifetime access to practices that support your good physical and mental health.