Durga Mahashakti

DurgaAs promised a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ about Durga. She has been my go-to girl of late. Her name means Tough Going or Difficult to Know or Hard to Conquer, many shades of a similar idea. Really, she is unknowable because she is invisible, but she is always ready for you when you call. She is invisible because she is inherent in the atmosphere, her awareness is dispersed everywhere and in all things, but so subtle that she cannot be perceived. Until you call her.

And then if you look to the mountaintop, reality fractures like many shards of glass, and from the space within the cracks, her form emerges, radiant with a red-gold light, almond eyes, flowing black hair, dressed impeccably in a red sari, with eight arms holding shining weapons like a mace and a bow, a noose, a conch, riding her tiger and laughing like thunder.

She is the Divine force that contains all other forces. You can recognize Durga in strong winds, crashing waves, and bonfires. Autumn is her season (something to look forward to!). She is the impulse to protect and she is courage that arises from the heart.

If there is a burning building, she is the first responder who runs into it to assist. If all of the beauty of the world is consumed by two hungry, greedy, demon-king brothers, she is the warrior who appears to relinquish them and restore balance to the world.

In my own life things are a little topsy-turvy as Erik and I continue to renovate a 1950’s split level house into the earth-friendly home we dream it will be. He just happens to be off teaching art at Coker College in South Carolina for the fall semester… and even my yoga teaching schedule has changed pretty dramatically this fall. When things get all shaken up, it is fun to imagine the Durga archetype breaking free of her atmospheric dissolution to coalesce into a sharp-shooting, tough-as-nails beauty who is the cosmic protector and empowering mother all at once.

As Douglas Brooks says, “you are every character in the story.” Durga POWER!

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