Provence Yoga Retreat 2018

This year, we stayed in a wine village in the south of France, Saint Christol.  Our residence used to be a home for nuns.  It is a stunning Clos, walled home or cloistered home, with salt water pool and tennis court.  Like last year, we had to move the furniture out of the living-dining area in order to make way for yoga.

Each morning we had meditation before breakfast.  The boulangerie was a block away, walkable, so we had the freshest croissants possible.  Rita also treated us to plum compote and fresh goat cheese.  Ah, the French.  Then, we had yoga class each morning focusing on the different elements within nature: earth, water, fire, air, and space.  The final day of our retreat was the UN International Day of Peace so we had a partner yoga class to foster community support and offered our “Om”s so that Peace May Prevail On Earth.

Afternoon yoga classes were more restorative with forward bends, twists, and yoga nidra because most days after yoga we were out exploring somewhere.  Annette chose amazing places for us to visit.  Below are some photos from our trip.

Morning Yogis at Clos Saint Christol
Il est interdit d’ interdir: It is prohibited to prohibit. I.e. no censorship! at the first local brewery in Saint Christol
Yogis enjoying some wine
Horses and bulls get along in Camargue.
Camargue horses
Saintes Maires de la Mer fishing boats
Aigues Mortes salt harvest
Aigues Mortes castle
Flamingoes in Aigues Mortes
Beep beep!
Saint Paul Asylum, Saint Rémy garden
Van Gogh’s bedroom in Saint Paul Asylum, Saint Rémy
Abbey de Frigolet window
Yogis at Abbey de Frigolet!
Phyllis and Rose in partner Tree Pose
Daria and Linda wishing you Peace
Some of our group in Warrior III on UN International Day of Peace
Sète harbor and lighthouse